The Vision Statement of the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC) is, “Building a loving and faithful community – respecting, challenging, empowering and supporting one another – that follows Christ into the world to the glory of God for the benefit of all”. One way that we live into that Vision Statement is by creating resolutions to instigate change in our communities and to make commitments that hold us accountable for that change. You can learn more about our recent and historic resolutions on this page.

Recent Maine Conference UCC Resolutions

Tribal Sovereignty (2022)

Climate Change (2016)

More Coming Soon!

Historic Resolutions

Resolutions in the Maine Conference go all the way back to 1965! Learn more about each of the resolutions made over the years that is now core to our identity. Want to learn more about how these resolutions came into being? Have proposal for a new resolution? Connect with our Board of Directors.