Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Annual Meeting of the Maine Conference. The Board of Directors acts on behalf of the members of the Maine Conference between annual meetings to provide governance for the ministries of the Conference. In monthly meetings, the Board of Directors supports the mission priorities set at our Annual Meetings and oversees the financial stewardship of our Conference.

Here, you are welcome to learn a little more about the current members, reach out to them, or read documents and news from their work.

Our Officers

Rev. Sara Bartlett


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Stephenie Michaud


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Sue Burgess


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Hariph Smith


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Other Board Members

Bill Bliss

Paula Hatfield

Steve Wight

Rev. Christine Dyke

Rev. Brad Hirst

Kathy Woodside

Rev. Robert (Bob) Evans

Rev. Oscar Wallace

Maine Conference UCC Governance and Strategic Planning

The Maine Conference has a vast history and a future that is ever developing and taking shape. Here you can find all of the documents and resources pertaining to our governance and strategic planning.

The Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees and implements a process for nominations to the Board of Directors and Maine Conference committees; helps create new standing and ad hoc committees as requested; oversees by-laws amendments; and helps orient new Board and committee members. Most recently they oversaw the creation of the Maine Conference Social Action Committee. Governance usually meets monthly.

Governance Committee Members

Kathy Woodside
(2025 – 2nd term)
Lay Leader
Sunrise Association

Sue Burgess
(2025 – 2nd term)
Katahdin Association

Bernys Doak
(2024 – 2nd term)
Lay Leader
Sunrise Association

Susan Reisert
(2024 – 2nd term)
Living Water Association

Josh Fitterling

Contact Us

For more information on the Governance Committee, contact Susan Reisert.