The Anti-Racism Resource Team (ARRT) is a group of clergy and lay members of the Maine Conference UCC committed to dismantling racism in all its forms. We welcome others to join us in the pursuit of justice. Our mission and goals include identifying and providing Anti-Racism training and education resources, inspiring advocacy in the Maine Conference, discovering how the “New Jim Crow” manifests itself in Maine and finding ways to respond, listening for the concerns people of color face in Maine and beyond, and seeking to take action.

Our Programs

Thus far the ARRT has hosted and cosponsored two programs related to juvenile justice in Maine, “Pentecost to Juneteenth Challenge” studies on anti-racism for individuals and congregations, a “Summer Mission Program” and fundraiser at Pilgrim Lodge, and “Interacting with Wabanaki-Maine” among others.

Look at our calendar to see what upcoming events you can attend!

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