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Anti-Racism Resource Team & Wabanaki REACH Present
Interacting with Wabanaki-Maine History Workshop

Interacting with Wabanaki-Maine History – Monday, November 1st at 6PM
This program is a two hour interactive experience in which we engage in a story of particular events in the history of 400-years of colonization of Wabanaki people by Europeans in this territory now called the state of Maine.

This highly engaging experience requires our full participation in order to genuinely increase our understanding of colonization and what it means for current descendants and future generations; to reflect on what story we are writing for our grandchildren. We ask participants to participate with their cameras on throughout the presentation in order to experience the program to its fullest.

Upon recommendation from Wabanaki REACH, given the subject matter we will be discussing and the length of time we will be gathered together on zoom, we will need at least 20 participants to run the workshop and will need to cap attendance at 50. Should we get 50 registrations quickly and, when you sign up, you find that this program is full, that will be a sign to us that we should organize a second workshop with this information. We will have a sign up sheet available for those who wish to register for a future workshop. Please contact Rev. Chrissy Cataldo if we’ve hit capacity for this workshop and you would like to attend the next one.

You can learn more about Wabanaki REACH by visiting their website www.mainewabanakireach.org

28-Day Anti-Racism Pentecost Challenge 2021 Blog

This event has ended; All Blog Posts are available below!

By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / July 11, 2021

June 11th: Devotional 20

Watch/Listen to this video: 5 Tips for Being an Ally: https://youtu.be/_dg86g-QlM0

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 19, 2021

June 19th: Devotional 28

Thank for for choosing to commit to reading watching, and praying through this Pentecost to Juneteenth devotional series. It is...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 18, 2021

June 18th: Devotional 27

Thank you for your dedication to reading and praying through this anti-racism devotional series. Tomorrow, the final day of our...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 17, 2021

June 17th: Devotional 26

It is good to examine the ways we use the concepts of “light” and “dark” in our language, art, and...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 16, 2021

June 16th: Devotional 25

This is a helpful resource about talking with children about race. While some adults are hesitant to talk about race...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 15, 2021

June 15th: Devotional 24

You may have heard the history of the United Church of Christ described as the coming together of 4 streams...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 14, 2021

June 14th: Devotional 23

Read these two scriptures and note how they talk about Power- who has it, what becomes of the powerful: Ephesians...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 13, 2021

June 13th: Devotional 22

Read about the Doctrine of Discovery: https://upstanderproject.org/firstlight/doctrine Want to learn more? Watch this 1 hour video about the doctrine of...

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 12, 2021

June 12th: Devotional 21

Read this: How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change (Barack Obama) Article: https://barackobama.medium.com/how-to-make-this-moment-the-turning-point-for-real-change-9fa209806067

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By Rev. Chrissy Cataldo / June 10, 2021

June 10th: Devotional 19

Please watch: The Urgency of Intersectionality Short Video: https://www.ted.com/talks/kimberle_crenshaw_the_urgency_of_intersectionality?language=en

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Interacting with Wabanaki-Maine History Workshop Registration

The Anti-Racism Resource Team is a group of clergy and lay members of the Maine Conference UCC committed to dismantling racism in all its forms. We welcome others to join us in the pursuit of justice.

Our Main Focus is to:

  • Identify and provide Anti-Racism training and education resources;
  • Be a communication hub, inspiring advocacy in the Maine Conference UCC;
  • Listen for the concerns people of color face in Maine and beyond, and seek to take action; and
  • Discover how the “New Jim Crow” manifests itself in Maine and ways to respond.

Team Members: Allison Smith, Linette George, Steve Gray, Chrissy Cataldo, Alyssa Lodewick, Sarah Pringle-Lewis, and John Cunningham.