Due to the COVID-19 Epidemic, the Maine Conference Office will be closed begining Monday, March 23rd, 2020! Staff will continue to work remotely.

A group of clergy and lay members of the Maine Conference UCC committed to dismantling racism in all its forms. We welcome others to join us. Our main focus is:
• To identify and provide Anti-racism training and education resources;
• To be a communication hub, inspiring advocacy in the Maine Conference UCC;
• To listen for the concerns people of color face in Maine and beyond, and seek to take action; and
• To discover how the “New Jim Crow” manifests itself in Maine and ways to respond.
Team members: Rev. Chrissy Cataldo, Pastor Linette George, Rev. Allison Smith, Rev. Steve Gray, Rev. Dr. David Anderman, Rev. Jim Anderson, Rev. Steve Carnahan, Rev. Alyssa Lodewick, Martha Phillips, Rev. Sarah Pringle-Lewis & Bob Sandman.

A group of members from congregations of the Maine Conference UCC who undertake and promote caring for the Earth from the perspective of a spiritual engagement with God’s creation that calls us to ecological and social justice. The Resource Team takes as its context the widely recognized and documented ecological crisis, experienced locally in different ways pertaining to the ill-health of the surrounding environment and globally as global warming and climate change. It is also recognized and documented that environmental problems at both the local and global level usually have a disproportionate impact on those least empowered to cope with the situation. The Resource Team also takes as its context the limited degree to which Christian practice has included the contemplation of God’s creative Word in God’s own creation, and seeks to restore such practice to Christian spirituality and ethics. The Earth Care and Spirituality Resource Team has a Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/earthandspiritrt/
Team members: Rev. Dr. Stephen Hastings, Rev. Susan Gilpin, Rev. Grace Bartlett, Lalla Carothers, Rev. Marcia Charles, Rev. Dennis Dunn, Chris Magri, Greg Maxwell, Pastor Susie Maxwell & Rev. Kim Shrader.

The Faith Formation Resource team is a community of people who recognize that Christian Faith Formation and education for all ages is a vital ministry of the Church. It is our goal to resource and support all leaders, laity and clergy, who have responsibility in the area of faith formation and Christian education. A specific aim is to support, strengthen and increase attendance at the NEAUCE (New England Association of United Church Educators) Educational Event.
Team members: Rev. Mary Angela Davis, Thayer Fanazick, Beth Haynes, Anne Hodgeman, & Jessica Moore.

The Honduras Partnership is a group of people who have devoted energy to maintaining and developing joint projects with the Evangelical and Reform Church of Honduras. We offer opportunities to travel to Honduras for short-term construction, medical or other service, and we also facilitate the travel of Hondurans to Maine to meet UCC groups. Thus we help each other move toward a deeper understanding of our cultural, social and theological differences, experiencing our oneness in Christ as we work together for peace and justice. It is not necessary to speak Spanish to participate.
Team members: Steve Meyerhans, Rev. Bruce Burnham, Cyndi Hall, Bob Healy, Craigen Healy, Rev. Bill Walsh, Anne Smith, Christopher Smith, Joanne Krejsa & Carl Wegner.

Resource Teams are flexible, self-initiated, interest-driven ministries to people, churches, or communities, or that address issues that directly reflect the priorities and passions of people and groups in the Maine Conference.