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Donations to the Maine Conference

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The Maine Conference UCC is grateful for your financial support. Online donations will now be processed directly through our PayPal account, in an effort to save on fees and time. Please know that the Maine Conference protects your privacy and will never sell, share or disclose donor information. You may donate using your American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa card.

If you would like to use a check or cash, please make your check payable to Maine Conference UCC, and indicate your preference in the notes space. You can mail your check to Maine Conference UCC, 337 State Street, Suite 3, Augusta, ME 04330-6122 or click on this link to Contact the Conference directly.

You can make a donation to any (or all) of your favorite causes at the Maine Conference by clicking the “Donate” button above its name:

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Thank you for your generosity!
Maine Conference, United Church of Christ
337 State Street, Suite 3, Augusta, ME 04330-6122

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Donate to the Maine Conference — 2 Comments

  1. Deborah Blood declined the honorarium we (The Foreside Community Church) would normally pay a guest minister. She instead suggested we might make a contribution to the Conference Minister’s Innovation Fund. I do not see that option on your web site. Should we just send a check payable to the Maine Conference and note that it should go into the Innovation Fund?

  2. Hi John,
    Yes, send the check here (1 Weston Court, Suite 104, Augusta 04330) and as you say, write a note telling us where it should be deposited.

    Beth Campbell
    Ministries Assistant