The Vision, Mission, and Mission Plan

Maine Conference UCC
May 31, 2013


Building a loving and faithful community – respecting, challenging, empowering and supporting one another – that follows Christ into the world to the glory of God for the benefit of all.


Moving Forward Together for the Love of God and the World

Mission Plan:

In order to live out our mission we will be guided by the following priorities:
  1. We will nurture disciples and develop leaders in and for our churches.
    1. We will support Pilgrim Lodge and its continued development as a physical and spiritual center where God and nature meet to provide a welcoming and engaging experience for children, youth, and adults from many of Maine's churches.
    2. We commit to building and/or supporting ministries, structures and programs that will identify, nurture, train and guide persons, such as the Maine School of Ministry (formerly the Academy for Congregational Life and Leadership), to lead our churches as pastoral and other elected leaders.
  2. We will strengthen local churches for mission.
    1. We will strengthen and continually update the Resource Center to make it more accessible to individuals and congregations.
    2. We will provide increasing opportunities to engage in mission through the Honduras Partnership, conference-wide trips to areas of mutual mission around the world, engaging in Disaster Response trips, and involvement in wider UCC events (State, Regional and National Youth Events).
    3. We will analyze, assess and plan changes to conference structure, staff deployment and priorities to strengthen local churches.
    4. We will ask our Commissions to help local congregations develop new strategies to address the needs of local churches with aging congregations, part-time ministers, and faltering revenues.
  3. We will witness to the Oneness of Christ through strengthening the bond between all settings of the United Church of Christ, all settings of the ecumenical church and with all people of faith from other communions and traditions.
  4. We will work for justice and peace and the integrity of God's creation.
    1. We will establish an Inclusion Team to help local churches that are already ONA to grow into this identity and mission as well as to guide local churches considering becoming ONA to enter and complete the process.
  5. We will reach out to those outside the traditional religious communities, employing non-traditional means to communicate the theology and social, economic, and cultural concerns of the United Church of Christ in Maine.
    1. We will develop a conference wide outreach ministry that will connect and empower local churches.
  6. We will strengthen the mission and ministry of the Maine Conference UCC for the purpose of strengthening the mission and ministry of local churches and associations.
    1. We will assess Conference commissions, programs, administrative and staff structure and suggest changes that will strengthen our mutual mission.
    2. We will invest in and utilize technology to communicate with our congregations and all those whom we seek to reach with the Good News of God's expansive love as well as to more efficiently administer the needs of the Conference.
    3. We will address, establish and organize a stewardship education ministry to engage local churches in meeting the financial aspects of our mutual mission.
    4. We will transform the idea of a conference office into the vision of a conference center where we can meet, learn, and share together.