Structure of the Maine Conference UCC

The Model identifies three areas of Ministry as: Spiritual Life (Relating to God), Witness Life (Relating to God’s World), and Community Life (Relating to One Another). Each of these areas will have its own commission, and Coordinating Council for Conference Life will have responsibility for coordination of the work of the Commissions and setting policy for the Conference.


Each Commission is composed of 15 members, one from each Association, plus 5 at-large members to be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Conference. The Commission will choose its Chairperson. The individual Commissions are charged with responsibilities and programming that relate to their area of ministry. The Commissions will determine how to accomplish their tasks, not by doing it all themselves, but by involving others in on-going committees, or more short-term task groups.

Commission for Spiritual Life (Relating to God)
     Christian Study and Nurture Worship
     Stewardship Interim Ministry
     Leadership Development and Renewal Church and Ministry
     (Clergy and Lay) Church Leaders’ Convocation
     Clergy Compensation Pastoral Care
     New Clergy Gatherings

Commission for Witness Life (Relating to God’s World)
     Our Mission is: Serving human need, Peace and Justice, Integrity of Creation
     Evangelism in these settings: Global, National, State-wide, Local,      Ecumenical/Interfaith
     UCC Identity

Commission for Community Life (Relating to One Another)
    Mission Team on Small Church Women of the Maine Conference
    Development and Support Rockcraft Retreat Center
    Conflict Response Team Pilgrim Lodge
    Resource Center Ministry Team Support Staff Network
    Youth Ministry Team

Coordinating Council for Conference Life
The Coordinating Council for Conference Life will be composed of: Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk, Treasurer, two persons chosen from/by each Commission, one representative from each Association, a representative from the State Youth Council, and a representative from the Women of the Maine Conference and the Board of Trustees.

This body will support the work of the Commissions for Ministry by attending to the business of the Conference. It acts on behalf of the Conference between Annual Meetings. In addition to its regularly assigned duties, it will when necessary, establish Search Committees for the hiring of paid staff.
Finance Properties Trustees/Investments Stewardship
Communications Personnel Long Range Planning/Evaluation
Administrative Support Nominating Maine Ministerial Relief Society