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Resourcing the Local Church: Guidelines

The Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ (UCC) has an endowment fund that provides supplemental income to be used exclusively for Maine UCC churches. This income is intended to expand existing services and aid in the development of new programs within the churches.

Other possible uses for these funds may include the following:

  1. emergency funds for churches;
  2. specialized training for interim ministry;
  3. services of a competently trained counselor to assist in local church conflict resolution;
  4. participation in the wider mission activities of the UCC;
  5. and attendance of clergy and lay leaders at development and leadership training workshops.

Criteria for evaluating applications will be based upon need, creativity, perceived results, completeness of application, and funds available.

Application guidelines:

  1. Applicant must be affiliated with a Maine Conference, United Church of Christ church.
  2. Resourcing the Local Church application form must me filled out completely and signed by the applicant, lay leader, and pastor from the applicant church.
  3. Application must include a detailed, written description of your request consisting of not more than two pages. Include information explaining how you envision the program benefiting your church or its ministries in your area.
  4. Completed applications may be sent to the Maine Conference office and will be forwarded to Resourcing the Local Church committee chairperson. Upon reciept of your application, the chairperson will acknowledge your request within ten days.
  5. Resourcing the Local Church committee reviews requests for funds on a quarterly basis. The committee may request additional information for an application to be considered. Therefore, applications to the committee should be sent well in advance of the time funds are needed. Deadlines for applications are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1.
  6. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the committee and the request will be considered not approved for funds. Applications not approved may be resubmitted for review by the committee at subsequent quarterly meetings.
  7. Lay requests must be approved by the pastor and a lay leader of the local church involved. Clergy requests must be approved by a lay leader within the local church.
  8. Upon completion of the funded program or experience, applicants are requested to submit an evaluation to the committee.
  9. If deemed necessary, the committee may request an on-site visit.
  10. Send completed application to:
    Resourcing Local Church Chairperson
    Maine Conference UCC
    1 Weston court, Suite 104
    Augusta, Maine 04330
    207-622-3100 or 1-800-244-0937
Questions regarding the application process may be directed to the Committee Chairperson for Resourcing the Local Church.