Resourcing the Local Church Application Form
Maine Conference, United Church of Christ

Name _______________________________________________Date ______________

Address _______________________________________________________________

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Title/Position ____________________________________________________________

Telephone: Home __________________ e-mail _________________________________

Name of Your Church ______________________________________________________

Church Address __________________________________________________________

Brief Summary of Request ___________________________________________________

Anticipated Date of Program/Project____________________________________________

Total Cost $ ________________________________

Your Church’s Contribution $___________________

Other Resources $____________________________

Amount Requested from Committee $ _____________

Additonal information which should be included with your application and which assist the Resourcing the Local Church Committee in its evaluation includes:

1. A written description of your request consisting of not more than two pages. Include information on how the program will benefit your church and contribute to future ministries.

2. A copy of your church's current fiscal year budget, and a year-to-date statement of total income and expenses.

3. Church Membership _____________ Average Sunday Worship Atendance ______________

4. It is also helpful if you tell us the approximate percentage of children ______, youth _______ young adults ________middle aged adults ______ and elderly adults _______ attending your church on an average Sunday.

3. Required Signatures:

Applicant _______________________________________________________________________

Lay Leader ____________________________________ Position/Title ___________________________

Pastor __________________________________________________

Please Note:

Deadline for applications are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 each year.

Grants cannot exceed $5000 per church per year (and are often less depending on the number of competing applications)

Grants are typically paid by the Conference Business Manager upon receipt of either invoices or receipts. Payment cannot be made on the basis of estimates.

The Resourcing the Local Church Committee usually meets three or four times per year, although additional meetings can be arranged for urgent applications.

For building renovation and repair, or for new construction, the RLC Committee looks for clear evidence of creative fund raising on the part of individuals and congregations to help meet project costs. Church buildings are often landmarks or historic places in Maine towns, and non-church community members and organizations (in addition to outside foundations) are often willing to share in the cost of their preservation.  Also, church facilities are often used by non-church individuals and organizations who may be able to help with funding these projects.

In addition, the RLC Committee is often able to help with the cost of new programs or services--or with expansion of existing services--within a local church.  It can assist individual churches with programs or events that also benefit other local churches. The Committee can aid in the development of new congregations, provide emergency funds to local churches, and help pay for a crisis counselor to assist a local church with conflict resolution. 

Further, the Committee can grant funds to assist lay leaders and clergy in attending developmental workshops, and help laity, clergy, and youth with the costs of wider mission activities.  Finally, the Committee can supply financial support to Conference programs which directly benefit local churches, and can help pay for Interim Ministry training.  In all these situations, the RLC Committee anticipates that the applicant will also have pursued and documented other avenues of potential funding.


Return your completed application to:

Resourcing Local Church,
Maine Conference UCC
28 Yarmouth Crossing Drive
Yarmouth, ME 04096

Conference Phone: 207-846-5118
Conference Fax: 207-846-2301