Maine Conference United Church of Christ Liquidity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to guide the investment and management of short-term cash balances while ensuring the Conference meets its short-term financial obligations.

Investment Objectives
The financial objectives of this Liquidity Policy are:
1) To preserve capital;
2) To provide ready cash for meeting short-term obligations; and
3) To optimize the investment return within the constraints of the investment guidelines.
Investment Guidelines

The Treasurer and/or Business Manager shall be authorized to invest in the following:
1) Federally-insured certificates of deposit not to exceed $100,000 including interest at commercial banks or savings and loans institutions;
2) Money market funds that invest in government backed securities;
3) Interest bearing checking accounts in federally insured banks and savings and loans not to exceed federally insured amounts; and
4) Direct obligations of the U.S. Government, its agencies and instrumentalities.


The maturities on allowable investments shall be limited to one year or less. The Treasurer and/or Business Manager shall be responsible for scheduling maturities.