Action Steps to Be Recognized as a Green Congregation
Note: Complete 80% (12 steps) in a column to receive recognition at that level (1, 2 or 3 green globes)
1. Preach an environmental stewardship 1. Instal and use programmable thermostats 1. Establish a community garden at the church
sermon annually
2. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL's 2. Repalce old furnaces/heaters/airconditioners
2. Book/bible study on stewardship of creation (
( 3. Buy "Energy Star" applilances
3. Insulate/weather-strip church pipes/walls/
3. Form a church "green team" ceilings/doors/water heaters 4. Install "low flow" water fixtures or
tankless water heaters
4. Show environmental films 4. Shift church communications from paper
(e.g. - Inconvenient Truth) to electronic media 5. Install solar hot water heaters
5. Shift to reusable dishes/utensils in church 6. Replace inefficient windows/doors
5. Add "Green" elements to Sunday School
and youth group curriculums 6. Install low energy LED exit and emergency 7. Utilize xeriscaping for lawn/landscaping
( ( lighting and signs
(www. 8. Advocate for local/state/national
6. Include "Green" column in church newsletter energy efficiency policies
7. Ban styrofoam from church use (
7. Invite environmentally focused speakers
(sources IREJN, Maine Power and Light) 8. Install energy efficient fluorescent lights/ballasts 9. Assist/encourage church members to adopt
(www. "green" steps in their homes and businesses
9. Institute "Walk/bike/carpool to church" days (
8. Assist members in reducing "junk" mail, (
catalogs, credit offers, etc 10. Shift to organic lawn/landscape care
10. Join with other "sustainability" groups
9. Examine energy use by the church 11. Shift to environmentally sensitive to facilitate community action/advocacy
and make a plan to reduce it (eg seminar) cleaning products (
12. Develop a car pool system for church activities 11. Share your creative ideas/results with others
10. Keep radiators/heating ducts/refrig coils clean at
13. Use blinds to help regulate temperature
11. Make environmental/conservation 12. Plant deciduous trees on South and
resources available to members 14. Obtain an energy efficiency audit from your West sides of church buildings
local energy company
12. Recycle paper/bottles/cans 13. Conduct Adult Ed program to examine all
15. Purchase "Clean" electric energy for the church aspects of transportation
13. Put office machines on power strips and (
unplug rarely used appliances 14. Review church investments for environmental
14. Reduce hot water temp to 120 degrees
15. Install photovoltaic(solar) panels for electricity
15. Use low impact paper products