Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ       
God is Still Speaking,

                "Never place a period where God has placed a comma"
                                                                    - Gracie Allen


Cumberland Association




Honduras Mission Teams A&B

Members of the Cumberland Assocation Honduras Mission Teams
March 16-29, 2006.

Front Row: Dan Bastian - New Gloucester; John Delcourt - Westbrook-Warren; Racheal Delcourt-Westbrook-Warren; Adam LaViolet-Westbrook-Waren, Marge Hodgkin - Gorham; Cheryl Tibbetts - Westbrook-Warren; Patty Rickards - New Gloucester; Corrie Goodrich - Falmouth; Rachel Layton - Falmouth; Laurie Davis - Falmouth, Katherine Fox - North Yarmouth;

Second Row: Rod Tibbetts-Westbrook-Warren; Lorena Delcourt-Westbrook-Warren; Martha LaViolet-Westbrook-Warren; Jocelyn DeLong-Westbrook-Warren; Erin Pendexter-New Gloucester; John Goodrich- Falmouth; Jack Davis - Falmouth; Priscilla Armstrong-Williston-West; Courtney Mazur - Falmouth; Janie Anderson- Falmouth;

Back Row: Jacob LaViolet-Westbrook-Warren; Rev. Ed DeLong-Westbrook-Warren; Donna Hahnl-New Gloucester; Paul Russo-New Gloucester; Kelly Russo-New Gloucester, Alan Hahnl-New Glouceseter; Andre Demers-New Gloucester; Jim Rickards-New Gloucester; Jeff Armstrong-Williston-West; Zeke Pendexter-Williston-West; Jim Mazur-Falmouth, Paul Davis-Falmouth; George Bentley-Falmouth; Larry Gilbert-Falmouth; Larry Anderson-Falmouth; Dean Layton-Falmouth; Rev. Dawn Berry-Falmouth

Photo by Jack Davis, Falmouth Congregational UCC